DataMyne Update 02/14/2011

DataMyne System

There is much underway in the development and expansion of DataMyne!

First some stats. We now have 1339 active faculty logins, with 770 offering bios, 388 showing pictures and tags. In total, there are over 2,000 different tags, which is a wonderful, easy way to better understand the diversity of our creative community. Congrats to Robert Rabinovitz for having the title of ‘most syllabi uploaded’ Good sharing! If you didn’t know, faculty have several privacy settings they can elect, which you will see as you edit your profile.

We are currently working on two major developments which will expedite our ability to take DataMyne across the New School. First, we are integrating the login system with my.newschool, so you will only have one password to remember. Second, we are developing a live link to Banner, which will allow a daily update to faculty records, to ensure our data is timely and accurate. Both will maintain the high level of security present on my.newschool.

New features that are underway include a student profile, comprehensive course profiles, program profiles and visualizations, as well as the ability to form groups. Anyone will have the ability to form a group, though we will have guidelines for this available after our first focus group with students, this March. We have just finalized the interface for various people to edit courses and set up program profiles. Each school’s Operations and Academic Affairs Director will soon have next steps on this important feature. Lastly, there is excited development related to the integration of Parsons Critteur, a mobile app developed by MFA DT students to showcase and provide feedback amongst students.

DataMyne seeks to easily connect faculty, students, courses and projects, thereby offering a dynamic and evolving understanding of who we are and what we are doing. We’ve launched, which will describe ongoing feature developments, as well as provide support for DataMyne as an open source release to other schools.

Please let us know if you have feedback, ideas, or questions. Thanks to everyone for your participation!

Jess Irish & Jane Pirone
FTF project directors

Mike Edwards
FTF lead developer

Dong Yoon Park
mobile developer & visual designer

Minhao Yu
framework programmer

DataMyne presented at ICITTE in Paris

ICITTE cover

Jess Irish presented DataMyne at the International Conference on Communication and Information Technologies in Education (ICCITE) in Paris, France on June 30th, 2010. The project was the only social media presentation of it’s kind in the conference, and generated a lot of enthusiasm in this global context. The paper “DataMyne: Connecting and Visualizing an Academic Community” was concurrently published in a special issue of the journal “Advances in Communication and Information Technologies in Education.”

Sponsored by the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, ICCITE “aims to bring together academic scientists, leading engineers, industry researchers and scholar students to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Communication and Information Technologies in Education, and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted.”

DataMyne wishes to thank the Provost’s Office for this opportunity.